Beedie | Green

Green Building is the practice of designing and building structures that are highly efficient, environmentally sound and have increased sustainability.

Benefits of "Going Green" in a construction context:

  • Reduced operating costs by consuming less energy and water; 
  • Lower environmental impact; 
  • Healthier and more comfortable working environment for occupants; 
  • Enhanced public and corporate reputation for being environmentally aware; 
  • Increased market value of the building.

When you lease or purchase a Beedie building you can take comfort in the fact that our construction company already incorporates many green building techniques into each building we do.

Our company specializes in concrete tilt-up construction which is a method that has an established history of sustainability.

There are several green qualities that can be attributed to this form of construction: 

  • The main construction materials, concrete, steel and lumber are all recyclable; 
  • The concrete which forms the floor slab and walls is extremely durable, prolonging the overall lifespan of the building;
  • The thermal mass properties of concrete limit heat gain/loss resulting in superior energy effiency.

Other examples of how a standard Beedie built building can be considered green:

  • Job site recycling
  • Siltation control
  • EPDM roofing with gravel ballasts
  • Skylights