Posted on July 19, 2016

Town Talk: Ryan and Cindy Beedie and Huey Lewis entertain 3,000 at Malkin Bowl

Cindy and Ryan Beedie occupied the Malkin Bowl stage when their Rock'N The Park concert drew 3,000 invitees to Stanley Park.

Malcolm Parry
July 14, 2016
Vancouver Sun

ROCK ON: Beedie Development Group reached billion-dollar status after adopting California’s “tilt-up” wall technique for erecting commercial buildings. As for raising the roof, company founder Keith Beedie’s son, and now president, Ryan did so figuratively at Stanley Park’s open-air Malkin Bowl. That’s where he invited 3,000 friends, colleagues and others to a recent rain-spared Rock’N The Park concert that headlined Huey Lewis & The News. Produced by Catherine and Paul Runnals’ city-based brandLIVE firm, it benefited One, the poverty and preventable-disease advocating organization, the Music Heals Charitable Foundation and generated $50,000 for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

Dedicating the show to wife Cindy, who urged him to stage it, Beedie echoed Lewis’s lyrics: “Doing it all for my baby for everything she does for me.” What she has done includes delivering three children, including Paige, a guitarist-pianist-singer who is recording a demo album and plans a post-varsity career in music. If that entails performing at a future Beedie concert, she might heed Huey Lewis’s advice in his The Heart of Rock & Roll hit song: “When they play their music, ooh that modern music, they like it with a lot of style. But it’s still that same old back-beat rhythm that really drives ’em wild.” It sure did in Malkin Bowl.

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