Beedie Construction acts as the sole general contractor for all Beedie industrial developments.

In 60 years, we have developed more than 21 million square feet of industrial warehouses for businesses across Metro Vancouver. In each one, we merge efficient designs with high-quality, concrete tilt-up construction to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of our clients. Our own team of experienced tradespeople allows us to maintain the highest construction standards for our clients at the most efficient price point.

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Tilt-up Construction: Over the past 50 years, construction methods have advanced significantly. While a number of different types of construction exist, our company has specialized in “concrete tilt-up” construction since 1968. Concrete tilt-up is cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and provides significant flexibility in design. The process involves forming reinforced, insulated, concrete sandwich panels, lifting them from the floor by crane to form the exterior walls, and then reinforcing that exterior shell with columns, beams and a roofing system. It’s a process that requires tremendous experience and attention to every detail.

Build-to-Suit: For clients looking to build their own customized space, our unique size and breadth allows us to provide them with a fully integrated range of services to meet their current and evolving needs, including the design, construction and interim financing of their new facility. As well, we can either develop a project as an outright purchase or under a lease structure where Beedie maintains ownership of the project. 

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